We share our value with causes we feel strongly about.

afn Awesome Newcastle is a chapter of The Awesome Foundation. It provides $1,000 grants every month to help community projects in Newcastle, NSW Australia.
The Awesome Foundation was created in 2009 and has provided over $1.5m in grants via 114 chapters in 26 countries. It was founded by MIT and Harvard students frustrated with the bureaucracy of traditional funding.

Kumalie director and principal consultant Kelsey Barrett was a guest judge in February 2016.

988524_977140815654047_5676512413431803617_n.jpg Newcastle for Nepal is a volunteer community group that was established after the devastating earthquake of April 2015. The organisation raises money to provide shelter, food and access to water and sanitation to remote communities in Nepal.

Kumalie helped with Australian Government registration, documentation and liaison, general communications and continues to support fundraising activities.